“Hovering dreamlike above them I could see they contained the musical notation for an ambitious symphony, though judging by the number of torn and wadded up sheets, violent pen slashes marring many of the pages, it didn’t appear to be going… too well. And even though I recognised a few standard notes, there were many that I didn’t, nor did I recognise them as normal notes per se. Strange, nonsense markings stood out in various places on the musical staff, indicating … I know not what. Nor did I know what sort of musical instrument, or what sort of string could produce such so-called notes.” – from STRINGS by S.D. Tullis
“Its geometry crumbles, flares, bursts, so that he thinks of a house alight: black beams on white heat, the door flung wide, a mouth of flames.” — from DE PROFUNDIS by Daniel Mills

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