Cousin Silas


Tokkmaster Clerke Part 1 (For Des Lewis)

Tokkmaster Clerke Part 2 (For Des Lewis)

by Cousin Silas:

This wonderful imaginarium of music is composed by Cousin Silas (who in another age was the editor/publisher of the legendary SF magazine WORKS.) I am really pleased that he has composed this for me today, with the title of one of my early fiction characters: Tokkmaster Clerke. (Also, he was (is?) editor/publisher of ‘The Modern Dance’ music review publication).


One response to “Cousin Silas

  1. WORKS # 10 1995 (below is what I wrote about it in 2008 on the The Small Press Ark)

    I think this may be the final issue of this well-loved mag. I have the first issue (1988) and some others.
    This issue says it is: “Britain’s leading SF magazine for mood orientated fiction & prose”.
    Editor: Dave W Hughes (a great bloke with whom I had several phone conversations about the Small Press in the late eighties and early nineties). He now runs Modern Dance – a mag about music.
    This cover: Jay Hurst
    Contains work by: Adrian Hodges (editor of New Visions), DM Jones, Steve Urwin, Neal Asher, Andy Cox (mastermind at TTA Press shown earlier on this thread), John Brunner, Andy Darlington, Jeff VanderMeer, Mat Coward, Bruce Boston, t Winter-Damon, Paul Pinn, Marge Simon and others.

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