Finnegans Wake


“…never to aid silleries…”




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  1. –> Page 400
    Irish eyes are smiling, Iris eyes are weeping.

    “There was this, wellyoumaycallher, a strapping modern old ancient Irish prisscess, so and so hands high, such and such paddock weight, in her madapolam smock, nothing under her hat but red hair and solid ivory (now you know it’s true in your hardup hearts!) and a firstclass pair of bedroom eyes, of most unhomy blue, (how weak we are, one and all!) the charm of favour’s fond consent!”

  2. image

    –> Page 418
    The Ondt and the Gracehoper somewhere there in the Jeffery Big Picture. I was also wondering whether the letter Shaun is delivering is a winzip of FW itself with himself as its captive-by-words. A forgotten password rather than a captcha. There is something fractured as well as fractal about FW that says a lot about the encryption that is weakening the stronger a reader of it you become by simply persisting at reading it however much at first goes over your head.

  3. I don’t want this to seem pretentious on my part but what Dan Ghetu said about my book ‘A Dead Monument To Once Ancient Hope’ a number of months ago and that is now quoted on the publisher’s sales page (

    “Des Lewis obviously needs no presentation to the wayward fantasts. Even if I have enjoyed reading his fine volumes for Dan Watt’s press and the one for Chomu Press – two volumes I recommend – I feel like there is still space and reasons to “discover” D.F. Lewis. It is no easy feat to “break” Mr. Lewis’s Code. His work is constructed like a house, almost like a living mausoleum, according to his particular way of thinking. In other words: astonishing and uncomprehending. There is no key to this house, although there are a lot of doors. Everything is available, everything is waiting to be plucked but few dare knock at the door. Caution is good. Running away is even better. You don’t read Des Lewis to understand and “enjoy” his works. That’s not the point. You read him because you have to believe in something, after all. The reason for which Ex Occidente Press is doing a D.F. Lewis collection are many, but most of all is my wish to present him as one of main European practitioners of fantastic art. That being said, A Dead Monument to Once Ancient Hope is as much a “D.F. Lewis” collection as it is an Ex Occidente Press homage to an European icon.” Dan Ghetu

    actually now seems to me to apply more deservedly and illuminatingly to the case of James Joyce as this is exactly how I see Finnegans Wake. It seems strange to me how I have never tried to break into the doors of this book and its captcha codes before.

  4. A warning to any imitator?

    –> Page 423
    “I regret to announce, after laying out his litterery bed, for two days she kept squealing down for noisy priors and bawling out to her jameymock farceson in Shemish like a mouther of the incas with a garcielasso huw Ananymus pinched her tights and about the Balt with the markshaire parawag and his loyal divorces, when he feraxiously shed ovas in Alemaney, tse tse, all the tell of the tud with the bourighevisien backclack, and him, the cribibber like an ambitrickster, aspiring like the decan’s, fast aslooped in the intrance to his polthronechair with his sixth finger between his catseye and the index, making his pillgrimace of Childe Horrid, engrossing to his ganderpan what the idioglossary he invented under hicks hyssop! Hock! Ickick gav him that toock, imitator!”

  5. –> Page 428
    “…pulse of our slumber, dreambookpage,…”
    …as FW has become for me. As this concurrent book I’m reviewing, too.

    Shaun fades as his containing riparian winzip floats with the riverrun…

  6. –> Page 433
    Shaun seems to have become Jaun. Cf the main character Jawn in my InkerMen Press novella ‘Yesterfang’ wherein cities are named after authors like London, Lewis, Congreve, Lovecraft, Proust &c. And indeed “inkerman” is mentioned on this FW page – as well as Valiant Razalia’s “galaxy girls” and “colander”. Jaun is becoming concupiscent, it seems, even with his sis Is.

  7. –> Page 441
    “Divulge, sjuddenly jouted out hardworking Jaun, kicking the console to his double and braying aloud like Brahaam’s ass, and, as his voixehumanar swelled to great, clenching his manlies, so highly strong was he, man, and gradually quite warming to her (there must have been a power of kinantics in that buel of gruel he gobed at bedgo) divorce into me and say the curname in undress (if you get into trouble with a party you are not likely to forget his appearance either) of any lapwhelp or sleevemongrel who talks to you upon the road where he tuck you to be a roller, O, (the goattanned saxopeeler upshotdown chigs peel of him!) and volunteers to trifle with your roundlings for profferred glass and dough, the marrying hand that his leisure repents of, without taking out his proper password…”

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  9. Anyone who simply confirms that they have read and enjoyed the ‘Finnegans Wake’ real-time review from beginning to end will, upon request to me, receive a free signed copy of one of ‘Weirdtongue’, ‘Agra Aska’ or ‘Real-Time Reviews Vol. 1′, until further notice or current supplies of these books end.

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